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Lebanese Neurological Society

The Lebanese Neurological Society is a scientific non profit member organization of neurologists practicing in Lebanon. It is a part of and operating in coordination with the Lebanese Order of Physicians.

LSN MS Guidelines

LSN Calendar of Scientific Events 2013

5th International LSN Congress

LSN President

Nabil Mohsen

Board Members

Chaker Khamis, Vice President
Tarek Rammal, Secretary
Halim Abboud, Treasurer
Hussein Marouni, Member
Hanna Matar, Member
Ramzi Hilal, Member

International Speakers

Andre Gaston (France)
Ayman Tourbah (France)
Hassan Hosseini (France)
Jean-Luc Dubois Rande (France)
Mohamad Ali Sahrayan (Iran)
Olivier Gout (France)
Pierre Clavelou (France)
Riadh Gouider (Tunis)
Thibault Moreau (France)
Xavier Montalban (Spain)

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