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Lebanese Neurological Society

The Lebanese Neurological Society is a scientific non profit member organization of neurologists practicing in Lebanon. It is a part of and operating in coordination with the Lebanese Order of Physicians.

LSN MS Guidelines

LSN Calendar of Scientific Events 2013

Continuum on Epilepsy

Antiepileptic Drug Treatment New Drugs

Diagnostic Coding for Epilepsy

Dietary Treatment of Intractable Epilepsy

EEG and Epilepsy Monitoring

Epilepsy and Neuropsychological Comorbidities

Genetic Testing in Children With Epilepsy


Instructions for Completing CME and Tally Sheet

Key Points for Issue

List of Abbreviations

Management of Childhood Epilepsy

Monitoring and Antiepileptic Drug Safety

Multiple Choice Questions Preferred Responses

Multiple Choice Questions

Neuroimaging in Investigation of Patients

Neurostimulation for Drug Resistant Epilepsy

Nonepileptic Behavioral Disorders Diagnosis

Patient Management Problem Preferred Responses

Patient Management Problem

Pregnancy, Epilepsy, and Women's Issues

Status Epilepticus

Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy

The 2010 Revised Classification of Seizures

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